Fertility test for you

February 16, 2010

Fertility tests are an essential component of the fertility assessment and treatment. By tests your doctor can possibly discover what hinders you and your partner of the reaching of the pregnancy. Their regular gynecologist can carry out some basic tests, or you can be expelled to a reproductive Endokrinologen (a doctor, specified on the fertility) or an urologist (for male infertility) for a more thorough check of the fertility.

Fertility test contain both partners. While we of the pregnancy is able as passed in the body of the woman to think, takes concept two! According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, one third of the infertility of cases become by female infertility, one third of them are by male infertility, and the remaining third are on the basis of problems on both sides or inexplicable infertility. Clomid can improve your chanses to get pregnant.

Female fertility tests

Not of every fertility test will be carried out for every case. The more tests invasive the fertility, like diagnostic laparoscopy, have happened only if the symptoms or other investigations cannot be different in this direction, or if a cause for the infertility found.

For women the fertility can belong to tests:

Can cause sexually transferable illnesses tested (some sexually transferable illnesses infertility)

Blood Work, for Thrombophilie and Antiphospholipid syndrome is able to check (with the returning miscarriage), as well as a huge number of hormones, under it LH, FSH, sign gland hormones, androgen hormones, Prolaktin, Östradiol (E2) and progesterone. AMH, or anti-Müller’s hormone can be also tested.

Some of the works must be carried out this blood on a certain day of the menstrual cycle. For example, FSH is checked on the day 3 of the cycle as a rule and progesterone is checked as a rule on the day 21 of the cycle.

Ultrasound, for polyzystischen Ovarien, bigger Ovarialzysten, Myome, and sometimes look to confirm, is the ovulation takes place.

Ultrasound is also used to check the form of the womb and the thickness of the womb mucous membrane. An antralen follicle to count which says the amount of the eggs in Ovarien of a woman, can be also carried out by ultrasound.

To check HSG, or the HSG, whether the Fallopian tubes are open and not closed as well as to value the form of the womb.

Endometriumbiopsie which is connected under a tiny amount of fabric from the womb mucous membrane (Endometrium or). This check is not usual happens.

Hysteroskopie, the order of a telescope geht-wie of the camera by the uterine orifice in the womb, around a more exact look at the inside of the womb. This happens if a check potential HSG showed anomalies or was not unequivocal. Their doctor is able to do also an Endometriumsbiopsie during this check.

Sonohysterogram which encloses order infertile liquid inside of the womb (about a catheter), and then the womb and uterine wall by ultrasound.

The diagnostic laparoscopy which can become most invasive ones of the fertility tests. This test is only possible, if the symptoms on possible Endometriose point, as a part of the treatment for blocked Fallopian tubes, or in some cases of unsettled infertility.


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February 16, 2010

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